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Tuesday, March 20, 2007


Well, if I had to go back in time and change things, first of all I wouldn't change the good life I was given by my parents and the good life at present. Nothing at all can replace it.

What I would've changed was to be more skilled in other fields,(carpentry, making things out of nothing) but being skilled with cars is enough to make it work here in the States, but carpentry pays much much more but computer programming pays the best. If only I knew I was going to end up here in the U.S.A., I would've taken up Computer Programming instead of Business Management, knowing now, that, it is the future.

I should've have gone out with younger girls than I was but dating older women made it more adventurous for me and more exciting, and they were calmer but so intense in other aspects and no regrets there. I should've stuck out with a Chinese girlfriend of mine who was older, wealthy and her father was a high Officer of China Bank. Who knows, I would've have been a member of the Board...not the Blackboard ok? I should've not married at a young age not right after college, (21) and lived a full Bachelors life. I don't regret the woman I married who bore me beautiful children. But I will NEVER forget my first love. I Loved her so much but age kept us apart.
I would've have traveled more often and partied to death. I kinda always was obedient to my parents being raised the Spanish way. Like the Special forces of Hitler SS TONEKAUF. That aspect I don't regret. It disciplined me. I should've also pursued the export business I did in my mid 20's on Mallard Ducks handicrafts made of seaweed, which I lost interest on (or I ran out of funds).

This is all I can think of......