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Thursday, July 09, 2009

I Still Love Her.....

It is very important for me to express to you how much you really mean to me. I wish I could do this in person while holding you in my arms and gazing into your eyes. But since we are physically separated by miles of emptiness, this expression must come in the form of letters such as this. When we met for the first time a few years ago, a lot has happened since then, we've both changed. I don't know when this happened. Everything you say everything I wanted to hear. Everywhere you go, I want to be. Anything that's on your mind, I want to know. No matter what you do, there's something about you that makes me want to be with you. I tell myself that I just want to go back to the way things used to be, when we were closer but I can't help feeling that there's something more. I'm in love with you or am I just in love with the idea of you? I don't know anymore. All I know is I've never experienced something like this with anyone else and it's killing me inside. I need you in my life Mhel. I know you understand everything that's going on in my life right now. I just know you would be able to help me figure out what the hell is happening. I wish you would let me in again. Love and understanding is all I want and need. I could be the most understanding person. I'm just waiting until the moment you realize how amazing our Love could be. You are still in my heart and my love for you will never die Mhel. And the pain I feel inside will always remind me of someone I still love, you. I don't need one hundred words to tell you that I love you, but I need more than the three words it really takes. I'm really sorry, Mhel, I don't know what I was thinking. Actually, I'm sure I wasn't thinking. That story about love meaning never having to say I'm sorry.... whoever came up with it didn't have the first clue about love. Love makes it unthinkable not to apologize if I'm the cause of your pain. I never have the intention to hurt you, but that's also bullshit because as much as I love you I'm imperfect, humanly so. How can I ever be sorry to have to tell you I'm sorry? How can love mean never to apologize when I hurt you? It takes a left turn while my life with you takes a right. You've got the key to my heart and I can't think of ever changing that lock. If you threw away the key, I would survive, but, it would take all the strength I have not to fall apart.

I know it is difficult for you, as it is for me, to be separated for so long. Life seems to be full of trials of this type which test our inner strength, and more importantly, our devotion and love for one another. After all, it is said that "True Love" is boundless and immeasurable and overcomes all forms of adversity. In truth, if it is genuine, it will grow stronger with each assault upon its existence. Until that moment arrives, I send to you across the miles, my tender love, my warm embrace, and my most passionate kiss.


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